Article 1: Organization:

The SICA is a non-profit, national group of multidisciplinary healthcare workers experts in the field of ICU practice whose directors, executive officers and members receive no salary. It is registered and operates under the STS. Its central office is located at STS offices in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Article 2: Mission and Vision:

The Saudi Intensive Care Association (SICA) is a medical and research body that is a subsidiary of the Saudi Thoracic Society (STS) and it's mission is devoted to promote and enhance Critical Care Medicine practice by espousing the philosophy of collaborative multidisciplinary practice, and to promote research, education and patient care in Critical Care Medicine, and to lead the overall planning, implementation and evaluation of critical care services for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The SICA vision is to have an accessible, integrated system of evidenced-based critical care services for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Article 3: Objectives:

The objectives of SICA is to develop:

• System performance measurement and monitoring

• Strategic planning, visioning, and priority setting for the critical care system

• Oversight and stewardship

• Targeted program implementation and evaluation

• Stakeholder engagement and partnership development


Article 4: Activities:

Achieving objectives listed in article 3 will be through the establishment of taskforces to:

• Develop national guidelines and protocols for practice in ICU including the policies and procedures.

• Conduct research to study the characteristics and prevalence of common diseases in the ICU.

• Conduct scientific education and training for healthcare workers in the ICU.

• Provide advisory services and support to health agencies.

• Establish national database of patients with asthma.

• Secure funds to finance SICA activities.


Article 5: Membership:

Membership is open to all with an active research and/or educational interest in ICU practice and related fields. However, the membership should be addressed through the mother society; the STS.

The SICA recognizes 3 categories of membership:

General members who may or may not be STS members.

Special members (who work within the taskforce groups or assigned as a delegate for a region)

Executive Committee members


General Members:

Open to anyone with an interest in ICU practice

May be conferred at any time

Must submit STS application and payment of annual dues

Membership will be renewed annually by receipt of payment of dues. All members shall pay an annual subscription of an amount to be determined by the Executive Committee

Membership shall automatically be suspended if the member fails to meet any obligation or make owed payments due to STS. Suspension shall continue until such obligations are met or all sums due to the STS are paid, whereupon such privileges may be reinstated by the Executive Committee

In special circumstances, dues may be waived by the Executive Committee.


Special Members:

Must have a degree (MS, MD, PhD, RN)

May be nominated by executive members at any time

Must submit application and payment of annual dues

May be conferred at any time by Executive Committee

Must participate in at least one taskforce

Have all entitlements of membership


Executive Members:

Are elected in recognition of a substantial contribution to the ICU practice and related fields throughout their career. Nominations for executive membership shall be made in writing to the chairman of SICA before the periodic business meeting. Each nomination shall be accompanied by a statement of the academic qualifications, professional position and a list of relevant publications and potential contribution to the SICA mission. The chairman of SICA will select nominees to be presented for election to Senior Fellowship at the periodic business meeting. Membership is confirmed by a simple majority of those voting in favor

Must submit application, conflict of interest form, copy of C.V., and the annual dues payment

Take responsibility as leader or co-leader of the SICA Taskforces

Are responsible for the maintenance of the SICA educational materials

Have all entitlements of membership and can be elected for Executive Committee membership

Membership benefits:

Access to the restricted area of the SICA website

Eligible for participation in the SICA sponsored symposia and meetings

Reduced fees for the SICA educational meetings and training sessions.


Article 6 : Committees/Task-forces:

The Executive Council (EC) will have the authority to create committees/task-forces whose responsibility will be to provide oversight to the specific activities within the SICA. Task-forces will be created along the following three general categories:

Disease focused: Targeted to a disease that is associated with ICU practice which affects relatively large numbers of patients in underserved areas

Region focused: Targeted to a region with health disparities in areas of ICU

Education focused: Targeted to activities which will help increase knowledge and expertise about ICU practice

Each committee/taskforce will have:

The Executive Committee will select one of its members as a leader of one of the taskforce groups

A steering committee selected by the leader of the taskforce from outside the EC

There is no limit to number of taskforces, size of taskforce membership and the duration of taskforce activities

Taskforces must present an annual report to the Executive Committee


Article 7: Ethics

Members of the SICA are expected to exhibit high ethical and moral standards consistent with the mission of the association

Every executive member must submit a copy of their curriculum vitae that will be posted on the SICA website. The CV must be updated annually

Failure to maintain current CV will be grounds for dismissal from SICA activities

Falsification of the content of documents, including CV, will be grounds for permanent expulsion from the membership of the SICA

General members may be required to submit copies of their curriculum vitae form upon request of the Executive Committee if it is believed to be relevant to their participation in relevant activities


Expulsion or Disciplinary Action:

Any General or Special member may be expelled for adequate reasons as determined by a two thirds vote of the Council of Executive members.

Any member proposed for expulsion will be given an advance written notice, including the reason for the proposed expulsion.

The Council of Executive members also has the power to remove a member from participation in a taskforce, publication, symposium or any other activity for adequate reasons. Any member proposed for disciplinary action will be given advance written notice, including the reason for the proposed action

An Executive member may be expelled from the Council of Executive members for adequate reasons as determined by a consensus vote of the Council of Executive members. The adequate reasons for such action can be, but limited to, the following:

Failure to prove adequate interest in the field of ICU

Failure to maintain adequate interest in different SICA activities

Unwillingness to contribute in different Taskforces

Failure to attend three consequent business meetings


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